Skype for Windows gets full HD calling

Got a 1080p webcam? Now you have something to do with it

If you've bought a shiny new 1080p webcam and been wondering what to do with it, worry no more – Skype has added full HD webcam support to its latest release, Skype for Windows 5.8.

Along with full HD support, Skype's also tightened its ties with Facebook, letting you make video calls to your Facebook friends over Skype, even if they don't have Skype themselves.

Gamers will also be happy to hear that Skype's added a "push to talk" feature, which lets you set up a hotkey to toggle microphone muting – so no more interrupting your Call of Duty fragging session to switch Skype on and off.

If you've ponied up for Skype Premium, you also get the option of group screen sharing, letting you share your screen or a single application with others on a conference call.

Want to try out the new features? You can get Skype for Windows 5.8 here.

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