Sky Sports News iPad app launches for die-hard sports fans

Sky Sports News overhauls its iPad offering for tablet-owning sports enthusiasts

24-hour channel Sky Sports News is treating sports fans to a dedicated iPad app today, replacing the existing iPhone and iPad-friendly app. Taking its design cues from the Sky News iPad app and building on the success of the existing Sky Sports News app, Sky Sports News for iPad is a one-stop shop for all your sporting needs. 

Fire up the Sky Sports News app and you're presented with instant coverage of the latest breaking news alongside a Latest News Panel that pops up along the right hand side of the screen.

With a huge variety of stories at your disposal, the idea of this central hub is to offer a truly immersive experience. So not only are you presented with in-depth coverage of all the major sports stories of the day, but each story is littered with extra features, like on-demand video, up-to-the-minute information, images and interactive graphics.

When you haven't got time to sit in front of your iPad and soak up the live action, you can tune in to Sky Sports radio for an audible Sky Sports News fix. 

Dedicated home pages for all the major sports let you tailor your app experience and you can go as far as customising information to specific teams or leagues. More importantly this ensures you don't have to trawl through an abundance of cricket news when all you want is the footie results. Here, you're also presented with the latest fixtures, results and standings. 

The app is free to use for Sky customers, while non-Sky subscribers can get a slice of the Sky Sports action by coughing up a £5 monthly fee for the privilege. 

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