Sky Player TV online subscription service unveiled

With the BBC having sewn up web on–demand TV with their peerless iPlayer service, it was always going to be tough for pay TV types Sky to weigh

Available to punters who don't have a Sky box under their TV, the new service is designed specifically for Mac and PC users. Customers will need to front up for a 'Base Entertainment Pack' which includes access to Sky News, Sky Sports News, Disney Channel, Eurosport and National Geographic. MTV and Nickelodeon will be added to the line–up soon.

That'll hit you for £15 per month, although if you nab it before 31 January, it'll cost half the price. If you want to add two Sky Sports channels, you'll need to pay £26 per month, starting at £22 until the end of January.

The price goes up again though if you want access to every Sky Sports channel. A monster £34 a month if you're that way inclined.

While it means you can watch Sky TV wherever you happen to be surfing, it is at a  hefty cost. Will you be willing to pay such a high price? Let us know in the comments section.


Sky Player TV

Price: From £15 per month

On sale: 2009

Contact: Sky