Sky News 2.0 iPhone app launched

After 3m downloads, we might sit back and applaud our app efforts – luckily Sky hasn't so we get bags of new features

You might think that the iPad gets all the fun these days as Apple's tablet gets treated to the best version of apps before the iPhone's small screen is considered. But Sky hasn't completely abandoned the 3 million people who've downloaded its free Sky News app for iPhone and iPod Touch so far.

Version 2 of the Sky News app, which requires iOS 4.0 or above, still lets you watch Sky News live over 3G or Wi-Fi but also adds extra, modular features including photo galleries, Twitter updates, interactive graphs and timelines.

You can also now swipe between both stories and categories, a minor improvement but a nice touch, and Technology news has been added to the existing list of UK news, World news, Showbiz etc. Good to see Sky's got its priorities straight.

Download Sky News 2.0 now from the App Store.

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