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Sennheiser releases U 320 universal gaming headphones

Forget the console wars – Sennheiser's U 320 cans play nice with all your gaming kit

Good gaming headphones are hard to come by – let alone pairs that work on all your gaming platforms. That’s why Sennheiser’s first gaming cans in the form of the U 320 have us excited.

The Sennheiser U 320 gaming headphones work on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Mac. Ideal for anyone who owns multiple platforms or games at a mate’s house regularly.

Bass boost adds some punch to in-game explosions, while dual volume controls let you tweak the game audio and voice chat separately. The U 320s pack in active noise-cancelling too so you can immerse yourself in the game even while people make a racket around you.

All that, plus a two year worldwide warranty, will set you back £110 –  the Sennheiser U320s are available today in HMV.

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