Samsung’s new GamePad works with all Android phones

Controller brings “console-quality” gaming to any phone or phablet between 4in and 6.3in
Samsung GamePadSamsung GamePad

Samsung has released a new GamePad controller, and on paper it looks like a real doozy.

The GamePad isn’t restricted to Samsung-made smartphones, and the company says it’ll work with any phone or phablet between 4 and 6.3in in size and running Android 4.1 or higher (although it’s optimised for Samsung devices running Android 4.3).

Pad of joy

Samsung GamePad
Samsung GamePad

The controller connects to your phone via Bluetooth 3.0 (and can pair via NFC) and runs off a rechargeable battery. Weighing a hefty 195g, it features a d-pad, twin analogue sticks, four action buttons, two triggers and start, select and ‘PLAY’ buttons.

The last of these is particularly interesting, as it’ll open up Samsung’s new Mobile Console app on your phone. Mobile Console is a game store that stocks only titles that work with the controller. There are 35 at launch, including Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame and Virtua Tennis Challenge.

Samsung says the GamePad, which looks like a pretty viable Android alternative to the Nvidia Shield and the incoming range of Apple-compatible controllers, is out now in “selected European markets”, but we’re still waiting on a UK price. We’ll update this story when we know.

[Via Samsung]