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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds3 Pro mixes things up with this new design feature

A switch to stem-style earphones in the name of comfort

Samsung Galaxy Buds3 Pro and Buds3

Ever since Samsung’s audio division first cut the cord, its wireless earphones have all been bud-style. The new Galaxy Buds3 and Buds3 Pro are something completely different: they’ve sprouted stems and offer a choice of open-style or in-ear canal listening, putting them on a collision course with the Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro.

Launched alongside the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6 foldable phones, they’re the firm’s biggest sound shake-up since the infamous Galaxy Buds Live ‘beans’. A slick new semi-transparent charging case and in-line LED lighting for the Pro variant also make them the most distinctive-looking.

The switch was apparently made after extensive research revealed stem-style earphones were best for comfort and touch control; I guess that’s fair enough, but offering an open-style fit feels like the most blatant play to court Apple fans short of rebranding them “Galaxy Pods”.

The flagship Galaxy Buds3 Pro stick with dual drivers, though both are larger than the ones found in the outgoing Galaxy Buds2 Pro. You get a 10.5mm dynamic driver and 6.1mm planar tweeter, powered by dual amplifiers – a first for the Galaxy Buds range. They promise a higher 40kHz maximum frequency and 24-bit/96Hz high quality streaming from Galaxy smartphones using Samsung’s SSC UHQ codec. If you’re using one of the firm’s phones you can also expect clearer voice calls, courtesy of wider Bluetooth bandwidth.

A brushed metal-effect finish and angular stems make the Buds Pro3 stand out even before you turn on the blade lighting, which can indicate power and Bluetooth pairing, or be left on permanently – something I bet will go down well with any Cyberpunk 2077 cosplayers. The matching charging case has a slightly opaque top cover that shows the buds lurking inside; I got Nothing Ear vibes during my brief hands-on.

It hasn’t escaped Samsung’s AI push, either. With a Galaxy phone in your pocket, the firm says the buds can handle real-time translation in multiple languages.

The regular Galaxy Buds3 ditch the light strips on the stems, and use one 11mm dynamic driver – powered by a single amplifier – per ear. Both it ant the Buds3 Pro are IP57 rated against dust and water, making them the most durable Galaxy Buds to date.

Both buds have active noise cancelling, but only the Buds3 Pro has an ambient sound mode and automatic noise adjustment, which tweaks the ANC strength on the fly based on how loud your surroundings are. Its IEM-style design and silicone ear tips are 100% going to do a better job at silencing the outside world than the Buds3’s open-style fit, too.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds3 and Buds3 Pro are on sale right now. Expect to pay £159 for the Buds3 and £219 for the Buds3 Pro, in silver and white colours.

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