Is Samsung really making this keyboard case for the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus?

Or is this horrific-looking "leak" just a joke? We're hoping for the latter

Samsung made perhaps the most beautiful smartphone to date with the Galaxy S6 Edge - it's distinctive, incredibly refined, and impeccably crafted. And the design ought to look just as sharp with the larger Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Well, assuming you don't have this baffling keyboard case attached. This purported leak comes from well-connected info-spiller Evan Blass (@evleaks), who shared it to Twitter late yesterday, calling it a "keyboard cover" and deeming it "clever."

True, it may be clever, but the shell of a decade-old phone is hardly something we'd want to strap atop a high-end modern smartphone. Based on the image, it looks like there's a case for the phone's entire back, which the keyboard portion can snap onto as needed.

If it's real, let's hope this is just a prototype image and that the real thing bears form in mind, not just function. It looks cheap, and worse than that, it looks incredibly dated. Samsung may be having tough times right now, but looking to the past for fresh success doesn't necessarily mean digging out a crate of old parts and fashioning them into something you'll sell for money.

We should find out pretty soon whether it's real or not - and if the former, whether this is actually the form that the finished product will take. Samsung has a Galaxy event planned for next Thursday, 13 August, where we expect to hear about the S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy Note 5, and perhaps even a new tablet.

[Source: @evleaks via Android Central]