Samsung goes pink with a Galaxy S7 to rival Apple's Rose Gold iPhone

You're not fooling anyone by calling it "Pink Gold", Samsung

OK, there's no doubt about it - pink is definitely the hottest colour in tech right now.

Barely 24 hours after Apple introduced a Rose Gold MacBook, Samsung has revealed a pink gadget of its own. You could already pick up a Galaxy S7 in black, white, silver and gold colours, but now you can grab one in "Pink Gold" too.

Let's be honest, though: this is just pink. 

Both the vanilla S7 and the slicker Galaxy S7 Edge are getting the pink treatment, so you don't have to choose between an eye-catching colour choice or that gorgeous curved screen.

Samsung says it picked Pink Gold because it's a "natural colour" that provides a "sense of comfort" - and not because Apple did it first, honest.

We didn't realise a colour could "incorporate a touch of gentleness, radiance and sophistication" to a phone, either, but there you go.

Apple kicked off the trend for pink gadgets with the Rose Gold iPhone, and shows no sign of slowing down; you can now get iPads, Apple Watches and laptops in the same colour.

Fancy a hot pink Samsung smartphone? It's going on sale in South Korea today, and should start appearing in other countries "soon".

[source: Samsung]