Samsung Galaxy S3 screen size and resolution revealed

The Galaxy S3 has landed, and it's packing an impressive slab of screen real estate. Click on for all the juicy details…

The Samsung Galaxy S3 arrives packing a very generous 4.8in HD Super AMOLED display – which might possibly push the boundaries of comfortable one-handed use for some of the smaller-handed gadgeteers out there. Still, it could be the sweet spot for many, falling nicely between the HTC One X's and Galaxy Nexus' 4.7in screens and the Samsung Galaxy Note's monolithic 5.3in display.

The Galaxy S3's screen packs a 1280x720 resolution into its 4.8in frame, giving you 306ppi to play with – that's just shy of the iPhone 4S' and HTC One X's 326ppi and 312ppi respectively. Given the size of the screen however, it's fair to say that Samsung has pulled off something rather special here.

The Samsung Galaxy S3's screen utilises HD Super AMOLED technology (as seen in the Samsung Galaxy Note) – which should result in vivid, detailed colours and deep, rich blacks. We're slightly disappointed in the lack of a HD Super AMOLED Plus screen (which is found on the Galaxy S2) – but you can't have everything we suppose.

Finished off with an even slimmer bezel than the one found on the Galaxy SII, the Samsung Galaxy S3's display is set to be one of the best available on any current smartphone and will undoubtedly have iPhone users (with their 3.5in screens) green with tech-envy.

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