Samsung Galaxy S3 has a polycarbonate body

Good news for plastic haters as Sammy confirms that its new quad-core powerhouse is clad in some fancier material

Samsung has confirmed that its new quad-core Galaxy S3 superphone sports a polycarbonate rear battery cover as opposed to a plastic one.

The South Korean tech giant cleared up confusion surrounding the battery cover's material with Phone Arena – and we for one are happy to see the back of cheaper plastic covers like the one that graces the Samsung Galaxy S II's behind.

Polycarbonate has more than proven its worth in both durability and looks thanks to the likes of the HTC One X and Nokia Lumia 900, and we're big fans of its scratch resistance and ability to take a fall on the chin (hear that, iPhone 4S?).

Good news then for eager gadgeteers who've already pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3 ahead of its March 30th release date. Check out our Samsung Galaxy S3 need to know guide and join us in counting down the days its release.

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