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Samsung Galaxy Altius smartwatch to tackle Apple’s iWatch?

Leaked screenshots of an entirely new member to the Galaxy family nod to a smartwatch offering from Sammy

With the Apple iWatch – and possibly a Google Smartwatch – in the works, Samsung is reportedly stepping in with its own wrist-based computer – the Samsung Galaxy Altius. That high-falutin name is Latin for higher, and Sammy will certainly be hoping that its offering will soar above its rivals.

Leaked screenshots (below) show off the smart watch’s AltiusOS – which could indicate a bespoke OS, rather than an Android-based offering. The use of tiles and a sideswiping action suggest an operating system optimised for the wrist, as you’d expect. And based on the 500×500 resolution and a 1.5in screen – which seems common – that’s a 471ppi dazzler of a display.

Assuming the Altius is for real, its release date is as yet unknown – as is whether it’ll be a smartphone accessory for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, or a standalone piece of kit. We’ll sniff out as many details as we can at MWC 2013 and keep you posted.

Samsung Proxima concept smart watch render by Johan Loekito

[RuliWeb via PocketNow]

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