Samsung cancelled Galaxy Nexus launch in honour of Steve Jobs

Ever the sportsman, Sammy announced its Google Galaxy Nexus phone will be unveiled at a more tasteful time

Last week Samsung cancelled our trip to San Diego for its Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich launch, and didn’t give a reason why.

Sitting in grey London this morning it was a pleasure to hear the trip wasn't cut in vain. The reason for this last minute pull-out was a matter for debate – until now. Samsung has revealed that it postponed the launch out of respect for Steve Jobs. 

Despite being caught up in heated legal battles with Apple over patents, the two companies still work closely together in the manufacturing department. It’s nice to see Samsung putting its differences with Apple aside out of mutual respect.

The fact that Apple's iPhone 4S is currently dominating the headlines has nothing to do with it, probably.

Check back for an official date for the Galaxy Nexus launch, but the tentative word is October 26 until we hear otherwise.


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