Resident Evil 2 remake in the works after years of fan prodding

But it sounds like the decision was just made, so the game is probably still years out

Capcom has a long-running tendency to port its Resident Evil games to many different platforms, which has happened again with its HD remastered versions. But every so often, the developer doesn't simply enhance an older game, but actually totally remake one.

That is apparently what's happening with 1998's Resident Evil 2, which you might know as "the police station one" or "the Raccoon City one." Most people also know it as "a pretty excellent one," as the survival horror classic managed to follow-up the iconic original with an even better successor - and it didn't simply repeat the same design.

And now it'll be reborn for a new generation of consoles and players, with Capcom posting the rather awkward confirmation video below on YouTube. It doesn't really get into any details, aside from saying that the project very early and that it'll be a while before we actually see anything. Given the timeframe, we wouldn't be surprised to see a 20th anniversary release in 2018.

Capcom's latest core entry, Resident Evil 6, received mixed reviews when released in 2012; this year's episodic side series game, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, fared slightly better.

The company has been porting earlier entries to newer consoles of late, with the well-received port of the GameCube remake of the original Resident Evil releasing earlier this year, and a similar port of Resident Evil Zero planned to hit in 2016. Given the reception to the earlier remake of the original game, we wouldn't be surprised to see Resident Evil 2's fresh start chart a similar course of action.

[Source: YouTube via Kotaku]