Raymond Weil’s Brits watch plays hide ‘n’ seek with music fans

This watch says “I love music” more than a music-playing watch would

It’s got a hole in it.

Yeah, a ‘hole’ load of exclusivity. This special edition Weil watch will be handed out to nominees, presenters and performers at this year’s Brit Awards jamboree on Wednesday February 25 at the O2. Just 40 large and 20 small sizes of the watch will be produced, but all is not lost if you’re not Paloma Faith or FKA Twigs or Ant and/or Dec. A handful of the watches will be released into the wild at retailers around the UK. Where? Well, that’s where the strength of your British music fandom will be tested – it’s a secret.

How will I recognise it?

Oh, there’s a smell that comes off limited edition things. If you’re in the same room as a concept art Xbox or a Sophie Dahl-designed Sky box, you’ll know about it. But the right watch will also have a Brit Awards 2015 specific case back. What does that look like? You guessed it – it’s a secret! Apart from its achingly desirable exclusivity, the watch is based on the company’s popular Freelancer design. But, uniquely, that visible balance wheel will oscillate at precisely the same BPM as your music. So long, that is, that you can find some music with a beat that precisely matches the oscillating whirlygig, because it only does one speed and that speed is the speed of time. Tick, tock, and you don't stop. Etc. 

I feel like a pre-golden ticket Charlie Bucket.

I thought you didn’t look well. Off you go a-hunting then. But don’t be fobbed off with any old Brits watch. This is Raymond Weil’s tenth year of associating with the prominent UK music soiree, and so there are other watches out there. Worthless they are, compared to this one which has a very definite worth of £1425. That's quite a wee bit more than a Brit Awards 2015 double CD but damn affordable for a Swiss Made automatic mechanical watch that you and Ed Sheeran will share for ever more.