Pulse Play wristband keeps your tennis, squash or badminton score so you don’t have to

Sick of arguing over what the score really is? One startup thinks it’s found the solution

If you play a lot of racquet sports, chances are you’ve forgotten the score a few times. Or you haven’t, but your opponent has and claims that it’s something else. This is how McEnroe-style on-court meltdowns begin.

Well, one startup claims to have invented the solution in the form of Pulse Play, a wristband that keeps track of the scores in tennis, squash, badminton and ping pong (it works for singles and doubles, too).

A tap of its button updates the score and displays it for all players to see, and you can even have it read out to you in one of 50 different voices. Including Elvis and Homer Simpson. Which seems a little excessive, but they do say variety is the spice of life.

But the experience doesn’t begin and end on match day. The band and its companion app (currently available for iOS and Android) keep a record of your entire match history and statistics, allowing you to track improvements in your game and compare your performances against other Pulse Play users in your friend group, your country or the world. The app also includes an opponent finder, allowing you to locate nearby Play-wearers and arrange a match.

The wristband itself communicates with your phone via long-range Bluetooth, features a seven-segment LED screen and 15 hours of battery life per charge. It’s water resistant, lightweight (32g) and comes in eight different colours.

Pulse Play is currently seeking funding via crowdfunding site Indiegogo, and at the time of writing seems certain to hit its target of US$75,000. Pledging US$75 (£50) or more is enough to get you one of the first bands off the production line, with October currently marked as the likely date of delivery.

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