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PlayStation VR might not break the bank after all

Get two - it'll still be cheaper than an HTC Vive and a PC to power it

Prices for Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset might have just leaked – and it’s looking like PlayStation VR will be a lot cheaper than Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive.

Multiple Swiss websites are listing the headset for between €450-500, which works out at around £350. That’s a whole lot less than an Oculus Rift, which is currently up for pre-order at £499 (plus shipping from the US). 

There’s still no confirmed price for the HTC Vive, but with extra hardware including touch controllers and room-scanning sensor boxes, it’s almost certainly going to be the most expensive of the three.

Even if you haven’t got a PS4 yet, buying one on top of the PlayStation VR headset will still be a massive saving compared to buying the gaming PC needed to power an Oculus or Vive.

Today’s price announcements might have come from multiple retailers, but none of them give any clues about a release date.

Sony is keeping almost every detail about PlayStation VR under wraps, including what hardware will be included in the box. Recent leaks showed off the control unit that’ll connect to your PS4, but there’s still no official confirmation.

Naturally Sony’s keeping tight-lipped about today’s leaks too. With no announcement expected until E3 in the summer at the earliest, PlayStation owners could be last in line to get their hands on VR – both Oculus and HTC should have their headsets out by April.

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