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Pioneer reveals Apple CarPlay-compatible receivers

An upcoming firmware update will make four of the company's in-car infotainment systems CarPlay-friendly

Apple CarPlay and similarly smartphone-savvy in-car systems are going to be the future of automobile entertainment, navigation and more – but Pioneer has just unveiled the first batch of CarPlay products you can install in your existing car.

To date, CarPlay has only been available as an option for those pre-ordering the Ferrari FF, so news that Pioneer is making products you can have in the (non-supercar) motor you already own is certain to excite a lot of people.

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Update coming soon

In the UK, Pioneer’s new AVIC-F60DAB (£1,000), AVIC-F960BT (£730), AVIC-F960DAB (£780) and AVH-X8600BT (£570) models are all CarPlay compatible – or at least will be following a firmware update in “early summer 2014”. Plug your iPhone 5s, 5c or 5 into any of them using a Lightning-to-USB cable and CarPlay will launch.

CarPlay features an iOS 7-style layout and access to selected (i.e. non-distracting) apps like Maps, Music and Phone.

[Via: Pioneer]