Panasonic Lumix GF5 leaks

Could this be the world’s smallest Micro Four Thirds camera?

It’s a leak. Don’t wake Mario up just yet though as plumbing won’t be an issue on Instagram – the photographic social network – where this leaked Panasonic Lumix GF5 picture appeared.

This photo, leaked by Hong Kong celebrity (and Panasonic brand ambassador) Angelface is more than likely the latest Micro Four Thirds camera to succeed the GF3. Unless Angelface is blessed with shovel-sized hands it looks like this GF5 is smaller than the its predecessor which was the world’s smallest Micro Four Thirds camera.

So what happened to the GF4? In China the world four sounds like death so Panasonic has clearly given that a miss. Perhaps that’s why Apple made a pre-emptive change in its naming style for the iPad 3? Either way we expect an official announcement from Panasonic for the Lumix GF5 soon.

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