Panasonic to bundle Star Wars 3D Blu-rays with its AV kit

See Jar Jar Binks flap his tongue at you in the comfort of your own home. In 3D!

Itching to see Jar Jar Binks looming out of your 3D TV? Panasonic's just revealed that it will be bundling the Star Wars 3D Blu-rays with its Blu-ray players and home cinema kit.

The Phantom Menace is due for a 3D Blu-ray release in the spring – soon after its theatrical run, according to TechRadar. Panasonic has past history with Star Wars, bundling the Blu-ray release of the films with its AV kit last year.

Now, if only Lucasfilm would hurry up and release the good Star Wars films in 3D. You know, the ones without pratfalling space frogs that featured in our 25 best space movies ever.

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