Ordering your Apple Watch today? You might be waiting a while…

Long delivery times suggest Apple’s wearable is in short supply

The Apple Watch became available for pre-order at 8am UK time today, and within minutes Twitter was aflame with tales of an unresponsive online store and, perhaps more surprisingly, long waits for delivery of said smartwatch.

Only those who managed to snag their Watch in the first few seconds of the pages being live were able to secure a potential April delivery date. A minute or so later, many models were saying May, “4-6 weeks”, June or even July for their earliest availability. It all depends on the model you choose, and with 38 potential configurations on offer, there’s a lot of variation in the dates.

There had been suggestions earlier this week that the Watch would be available in quite limited supplies by Apple product standards, so perhaps none of this should have come as a surprise. Already on Twitter today we’ve seen some speculating that the Watch’s production yields may not be sufficient, while others believe the limited supplies are due to Apple’s intention to keep the Watch something of a rare, exclusive item.

Whatever the case, if you haven’t ordered one already, you most likely won’t be getting one before the end of April. Well, if you do want to spend a lot of money on an Apple product today, there’s always the new MacBook