Orbitsound’s One (P70) is a one-box wonder of apparently astounding sound

Ditch the separates: this bar offers sweet listening any which way

Why the (brackets)?

Because you have to whisper about how good this thing is. Or something. Whatever Orbitsound’s reason for being shy about the P70, this is no embarrassed box: with a 5.25in subwoofer inside, its AirSound tech apparently ensures stellar audio coverage with punch to match - despite a diminutive shell that’s just 17.3cm high deep and 7.7cm tall.

What the blowing gale is AirSound?

Without getting too technical, it’s a system developed by Orbitsound to eliminate the fussy sweet-spots you tend to get with traditional stereo systems.

It basically fires out the main body of sound from the front, with speakers on the sides only adding spatial elements - bits that are supposed to be heard on the left or right. This prevents minute audio clashes and means more of the room can enjoy the full stereo effect

So it’s jam-packed full of speakers?

Actually, compared to some soundbars there are relatively few, but Orbitsound's trick is the clever positioning of its drivers. The One (P70) actually has two 2in front-facing speakers, which are aligned on slightly different axes to ensure that almost the entirety of the room can enjoy proper stereo sound, wherever you stick the box. Pair those with a subwoofer and two further 2in drivers on the sides, and you’ve got quite the noise-machine. 

What if I’ve only got space for it on my shelf?

That’s fine: see, the Orbitsound One (P70)’s other trick is its ability to work in three configurations. It’ll sit horizontally, stand vertically or it can be wall mounted beneath a TV. Basically, wherever you’ve got a 70cm length of space you’ll be able to stick the P70 and, chances are, it’ll sound pretty sweet. The display will rotate to match, too.

Will it match my cabinets, though?

If they’re pretty steel and wood numbers, yes. It’ll also be kind to your energy bills thanks to clever tech that shuts down internal elements when they’re not needed. Mind you, that’s the kind of smarts you’d expect when you shell out £299 on a soundbar. At least with Bluetooth and auxiliary inputs you shouldn’t be short of material to fire through it.

You've convinced me - how do I get one?

You toddle over to Orbitsound's website and place an order, natch. But you'll have to wait for the official launch date of 27 February.