Orange's Glasto bonanza

Just finished packing the tent for Glasto? Don't forget your 3G moby - Orange has just announced a load of cool 3G music stuff, including a Royksopp video diary, a TV channel and 300,000 tunes to download!

It's Glastonbury Time. We know this because every conversation is a debate on the merits of Coldplay versus the dance tent, the Stuff office is completely empty and Orange has just announced a load of festival goodies.

Orange's big coup is that its signed up our favourite Scandie bleepsters, Royksopp, to do a 3G video diary while they're at Glastonbury. If you've got an Orange 3G mobile - such as the rather nice Nokia 6630 - you'll be able to watch their antics as they get ready to play their sunset slot on the Other Stage.

The other goodies include an upgraded Music Player for handsets, Calling Tunes and a PC-based version of Fireplayer. The big deal with the Music Player is that it now has 300,000 tracks, which is pretty darn impressive. Fireplayer Online, as the name suggests, is an online incarnation of the sample-mixing app that's also on Orange mobiles; Calling Tunes basically plays hold music to your mates when they phone you. Sounds to us like a guaranteed way to stop your friends from calling you.


We've also just heard that Orange 3G types will be able to watch the stages they can't get to - Orange is launching a Glastonbury TV channel for the weekend!