Olympus to launch compact system camera in February?

Word on the virtual streets suggests Olympus is readying a CSC-shaped surprise for Feb

Word on the web suggests Olympus is on the verge of launching a new compact camera system come February, to take on the likes of Fujifilm's X100 and Sony's NEX-7. While the tech world's eyes will be on CES – the world's biggest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, which kicks off next week – rumours suggest that Olympus has decided to forgo the Vegas limelight in favour of a early February reveal. 

Rumoured specs for the compact Olympus include weatherproof sealing and a built-in viewfinder. While we haven't seen any official pics, mock ups depicting a retro design are popping up all over the web – our pic is courtesy of Livedoor.

Detailed specs and further information are thin on the ground, but rest assured when Olympus becomes a bit more forthcoming with the information you'll be the first to know. 

Web murmurs also suggest Fujifilm is going to out a similarly specced camera either at CES or around the same time as Olympus' efforts. Though rather than going up against each other, speculation suggests the two cameras will be connected in some way. Pretty intriguing stuff. We just hope the ambiguity will clear up soon.

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