Official Spotify iPad app leaked in Instagram snap

Instagram photo purportedly shows off streaming music app for Apple's slate in all its beta version glory

We love Spotify, but the lack of an iPad app is a major drawback (yeah, we know you can use the iPhone app but it looks awful on a 10-inch screen). Spotify’s website says that a version of the app for Apple's slate is “planned” – but it seems development may be a little more advanced than it's been letting on..

The Verge spotted an Instagram photo of a Spotify iPad app that looks very much like the real deal. The photo – since removed – was posted by a Swedish technology consultant who claimed the app was at the beta stage and “getting closer”.

The picture is a bit dark – that's what you get for using Instagram – but it shows a layout with overlapping panes, looking quite similar to the official Twitter app.

It looks like we can expect to see the official Spotify iPad app made available very soon – and there’s also an unofficial app in the works, as this tweet from the designer makes clear.

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