Ofcom's approval of Everything Everywhere's UK 4G network is delayed

Bad news for high speed enthusiasts as 4G's approval date gets pushed back an extra three weeks

Ofcom has announced that it has pushed back its decision to give Everything Everywhere's 4G network plans for the UK the green light, in order to give competitors like O2 and Vodafone more time to respond with their concerns.

Everything Everywhere's rivals have expressed concerns that it will gain an unfair head start in the 4G race, and Ofcom is hoping that shifting the approval hearing date from April 17th to May 8th will give them sufficient time to make their case.

Ofcom has already given Everything Everywhere's proposed 4G network preliminary approval, so here's to hoping that things will roll smoothly next month so that the UK can finally jump aboard the high speed 4G bandwagon.

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