O2 TU Go lets you use your own phone number for VoIP calls

Call and text to and from your computer, tablet and phone using your O2 mobile number with new free app O2 TU Go

O2 has launched a new VoIP service, O2 TU Go, which puts your mobile number in the cloud – so when you receive a call to your O2 number, any device with the free app installed will ring, whether it's a mobile, tablet, or even a Windows 7 PC.

But that’ll cost me more in data, we hear you cry. Nope. The O2 TU Go app uses your free minutes and texts so it shouldn’t even cost you – ideal if your phone battery is going to die but you have your tablet to hand. You can even control how it connects, be it via Wi-Fi or whatever data connection you have – even Edge is fast enough to work.

While O2 TU Go is free and works on iOS, Android and Windows 7 PCs, it will soon roll out to BlackBerry and Windows Phone too. You can register O2 TU Go on up to five devices at once. The app only works for pay monthly customers now but may be rolled out to pay as you go folk in the future.

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