Now uncharged gadgets are banned from UK flights too

British authorities follow US in saying, “charge your phone and laptop batteries before flying”
Now uncharged gadgets are banned from UK flights too

If you’re planning on flying to or from a British airport in the near future, here’s a word of warning: make sure any gadgets you’re bringing aboard have enough battery power to be turned on.

The British Department for Transport has announced that, as of today, passengers travelling through UK airports may have to demonstrate that mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices can be switched on before boarding a plane. If they can’t, the device may have to be left at the airport for later collection (some airlines may send the device onto a given address).

Image credit: Angelo DeSantis

Better safe than sorry

Originally, British Airways had announced that any travellers with an uncharged gadget wouldn’t even be allowed to board their flight. The airline has since backed down from this position, but insists that any uncharged devices will have to be left behind.

The new measures are reportedly a response to new – but unspecified – terrorist bomb threats. Only selected routes appear to be subject to the new protocol, but which routes these are remains a mystery: so the smart thing for any traveller to do is ensure every gadget they’re bringing with them is charged up – and make sure they read our round-up of the best ways to beat the ban on uncharged phones.

[Via The Telegraph]