Nokia Normandy - an Android phone with Lumia DNA

UPDATED! Nokia appears to have passed through the Android camp. But will its leaked soldier ever see battle?
Nokia Normandy Android phone leaks

Last November, @evleaks released shots of a Nokia Android phone kitted out in a red Lumia-like shell with a single back button gracing the front. And now it’s back.

Posted to Twitter and Chinese social network Weibo, the latest spy shot shows off a reportedly genuine Normandy engineering prototype, with the Nokia logo present on what appears to be a live screen.

Although it’s entombed in a chunky black case, there’s no hiding the centralised capacitive back button which matches up with the initial leaked images.

Nokia Normandy Android phone leaks

The Normandy is expected to run on a heavily customised version of Android, similar to that of Amazon’s Kindle Fire range of tablets, with custom themes incorporated from both Windows phone and Nokia’s entry-level Asha range.

Sadly, photos of the actual Android operating system in action have yet to be revealed and it’s unclear whether or not this is more than a prototype that will ever see the inside of a civilian’s pockets.

Stay tuned for more info as and when we get it.

[@evleaks, Twitter, via The Verge]

Nokia Normandy Android phone leaks

Update: Another picture of the Nokia Normandy has been posted on Weibo, and this time we've got some screen-on action.

If it is running Android then it's safe to say that it's an extremely modified, heavily-skinned version, as it's completely unrecognisable from Google's mobile OS.

All we need now is a leaked video of the Normandy in action. Fingers crossed...

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