Nokia Lumia 910 may be a reality we’re about to enjoy

The fabled Lumia flagship with a 41MP camera and wireless charging may yet be incoming

Nokia may soon up the stakes on the Lumia 900 – the highest selling phone on Amazon last April – by revealing a new flagship in the form of the Lumia 910. When rumours of the Lumia 910 kept cropping up we were excited, but after nothing appeared we’d all but given up, until now.

A NokiaPowerUser reader has found the Lumia 910 as an option in a Remote Developer Access tool. Since that doesn’t reveal any new specs we can stick with previous rumours of wireless charging on a 4G powered Lumia 910. But with the 808 PureView falling on unimpressed reviews it looks like Nokia won't be using the rumoured 12MP camera in the Lumia 910 but instead will put that 41MP PureView snapper into the Lumia 910 instead. That camera on a Windows Phone OS device could make it a winner.

Check back for more details that crop up as we find them.

[Via Engadget]

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