Nokia Lumia 710 gives Windows Phone some colour

The Lumia 800's little brother, the Nokia Lumia 710 brings an affordable Mango option to the masses

Nokia’s flaship Lumia 800 has a colourful sidekick in the Lumia 710.

The 1.4GHz Windows Phone Mango handset comes as a more affordable high-end option and will be in a selection of colours.

The 3.7in Lumia 710 has all the new Nokia treats like Nokia Drive, Nokia Music and IE9, and is available in black, white, cyan, fuchsia and yellow back covers.

With 8GB onboard and 512MB RAM, the Lumia 710 should run the 5MP, 720p camera smoothly at an affordable €270. Can’t decide which you like more? Read all about the €420 Lumia 800 here. Stay tuned for UK pricing and availability.

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