Nokia lets you explore Batman's Gotham City in 3D

How can you fight crime in Gotham City if you don't know your way around the streets? Nokia's here to help, mapping the city from Arkham Asylum to Wayne Tower

Unlike Superman, Batman isn't able to hang around in orbit listening out for crimes being committed – he needs to know his way around the streets. Now Nokia's swooped in to lend a helping hand to would-be Batmen, creating what appears to be a full 3D map of Gotham using the Nokia Maps interface.

It's not the first Batman-related effort from the Finnish phone manufacturers – they've already created 40 limited-edition Lumia 800s and 900 Lumia 900s to tie in with the film.

We expect that the 3D Gotham City map will be coming as an update to Nokia's The Dark Knight Rises Lumia app – before The Dark Knight Rises hits on July 20.

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