Nokia ditches Symbian Belle in favour of Nokia Belle

Nokia hammers the final nail in Symbian's coffin

It's only been flaunting its new moniker for a few months, but Nokia's decided it's high time to scrap its Symbian Belle OS in favour of the rebranded Nokia Belle.

It goes without saying the Symbian OS has so far failed to impress the masses – and with Windows Phone 7 now its principaloperating system, the ailing OS has sunk even further into obscurity. So, over the next few weeks Symbian Belle will become a mere memory as it's superceded by Nokia's attempt to repackage its OS.

Nokia's even gone and added a bevy of new features to the Belle update in the hope that somebody pays attention.

While Nokia hasn't announced an official release date for its new OS, it says Nokia Belle will soon be available to download on some of its current range, such as the N8, E7 and X7.

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