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Nintendo Switch 2 launch date is (possibly) a few months away

The latest speculation points to an imminent Switch 2 launch. But we're not getting our hopes up just yet

Switch 2

If your daily search for a Nintendo Switch 2 launch date has yet to provide anything tangible, there may be (an admittedly dim) ray of hope. According to Inside Gaming‘s sources, the upcoming Xbox rhythm game Hi-Fi Rush will be coming to the Switch 2 rather than the current generation console, and — this is the aforementioned ray of hope — “… it could be a few more months before an official announcement.”

Now, if you’re desperate for any hint of a Switch 2 release date, then you could, with a large tablespoon of salt, interpret this as a developer holding fire on an announcement for a couple of months, until they’re allowed to reveal the news. And why would they be allowed to reveal the news in a few months? Because, you could logically argue that that’s when Nintendo will have officially unveiled the Switch 2 in all its glory, allowing publishers and developers to freely announce that their games will be available on Nintendo’s next-gen console.

What’s that? I sound desperate? Well I’m certainly not going to argue with you. Unlike someone like Stuff contributor Matt Tate (who’s perfectly content waiting another year for the Switch 2 release), I’m firmly in the camp of gamers who feel that the existing Switch is far too long in the tooth, so I’ll take any slim hit of copium I can get my hands on. Plus nothing beats the adrenaline rush of new console hardware.

Still, there could very well be nothing in this, and we might not get an official glimpse of the Switch 2 until the rumoured 2025 Q1 launch date. So who knows. I certainly don’t, but it’s fun to speculate. Though it can be a bit torturous at times. Anyway, if you’re perfectly content with your current Switch and want more reasons to keep it in rotation, feel free to check out our comprehensive list of the best Nintendo Switch games.

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