Next Big thing – Samsung Galaxy Skin

A flexible AMOLED Samsung smartphone? Yes please

A shape-shifting phone – haven't we been here before?

Yeah, yeah. But given Samsung was showing off flexible AMOLED displays at CES this year and confirmed the mass-production of these limber wonderments in 2012 means it's definitely within the realms of possibility. Awesome concepts like the Galaxy Skin are just an example of what Samsung could do.

Still sounds like designer daydreaming to me

Perhaps. But what about the flexible, transparent Li-ion battery designed by Stanford university students? With tech like this in the pipeline, a bendy, flexible smartphone goes from distant dream to feasible reality. Then throw in an 8MP camera, 720p video, built-in HD pico projector and an intuitive OS that adjusts the interface according to the phone's position and current app. You've suddenly found yourself wanting one, right?

So when can I start flexing my texting?

Good question. It'll be a while before you'll be able to wrap one of these malleable badboys around your wrist, but it was previewed to the Samsung team at a show in Hong Kong at Hongik University back in June. So we're keeping our fingers crossed that something remarkable materialises from these ductile AMOLED displays. Even if it's not the Galaxy Skin.


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