News Nugget – GT5 UK release today

It's never taken this long for fast cars to turn up, but Gran Turismo 5 is finally here after a four year wait

Petrolheads rejoice. PlayStation's flagship racing title – GT5 – is finally on sale. Good news if you've been waiting since 2006, or indeed if you placed a bet that the Beatles would be on iTunes before the fifth instalment of Gran Turismo would go on general release.

With more than 1,000 cars, advanced damage and environmental physics, 26 tracks with 71 configurations, 3D compatibility and online racing, there's now a management mode where you level up an AI driver by calling the shots as team director. We'll pass that up in favour of getting behind the wheel and tearing up some track for ourselves. Okay, maybe we'll check out the gorgeous new photo travel mode, too.

HMV shops around the country are running an in-store battle from today (on Sony 3DTVs, natch), with regional finalists duking it out on December 15 on London's Oxford Street. But it's a headline release, so expect to find it everywhere else, too. It costs £50 or £60 for the collector's edition, also available as a £290 console bundle (320GB). Feeling the pinch? You'll find it for as little as £35 if you shop around.

If you're feeling all nostalgic about Gran Turismo, read our Gaming Flashback.

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