News Nugget – Amazon to allow Kindle book lending

Massive online warehouse corporation gets in touch with its sharing side

People who read like to share their books. And they like borrowing books even more. Amazon has finally realised this is one of the reasons ereader uptake has been slow, so it’s going to let us all share our e-Ink titles with our Kindled-up mates.

Sadly, that comes with a couple of conditions. The first rule of book club is you can only lend a book for two weeks. The second rule of book club is you can only lend a book once. Ever. And the third rule of book club is that you can’t read the book while it’s lent out. Oh, and the publisher doesn’t necessarily have to enable sharing on its text.

Still, we’re making progress. One step at a time, publishing industry, one step at a time.

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