New Grand Theft Auto 5 shots debuted

Rockstar Games teases us with two new images from the upcoming crime ‘em up

Grand Theft Auto 5 needs very little introduction. We’re all just waiting for it to be released so we can hotfoot it down to our local games emporium, shout at them to take our money then spend the next three days playing it while living off toast in a room lit only by the glow of our HDTVs. And now there are new screenshots to whet our appetite.

In typical Rockstar Games fashion, there are only two shots released, and they don’t really show anything about the game’s plot or characters. One is of a helicopter flying above the downtown area of Los Santos, and the other is of some bloke sat in a park or something.

Roll on the next batch of videos, screenshots or whatever else. We need more GTA in our lives.

[Via Rockstar Games Newswire]

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