Mystic Searches: a cartridge game you can play on NES AND modern systems

You heard that right: it’s an actual 8-bit cartridge (that’ll also run on your PC and Mac)
Mystic Searches is a new game… for the Nintendo NES

If you’ve got a Nintendo NES gathering dust in your attic, now might be the time to dig it out and check if it still works, because there’s a new game coming out for it.

Don’t worry, you haven’t stepped through a time portal to 1988. Mystic Searches is an upcoming retro game that’ll be coming out on a big grey 8-bit NES cartridge. But not any ordinary 8-bit cartridge – this one also contains a more modern version of the game (stored on flash memory) that’ll run on your PC or Mac if you plug in the cart via USB.

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Mystic Searches is a real 8-bit adventure game
As well as a modern one

It’s the brainchild of Florida-based filmmaker Joe Granato, who discovered his own 25 year old NES game concept notes and sketches while visiting his parents. And then decided to use them to actually make a game in 2014. The 8-bit and modern versions of the game will even interact with each other: unlock secrets or achievements in the NES edition and they’ll carry over to the shinier PC edition.

Granato has assembled a team consisting of writers, composers, graphical artists and other creative types in order to make Mystic Searches a reality. They’re seeking funding on Kickstarter and seem well on the way to achieving their target. If they do, the game should be available in November 2015, and pledging US$50 (£30) will get you one of the first cartridges off the production line.

Granato is also making a documentary film about the process of making an independent 8-bit game in the modern era, as well as a series of tutorials giving pointers to anyone who fancies following his team’s lead. Take a look at the Kickstarter page for more info.

[Source: Engadget]