My Gadget Life – Peter Jones

I’ve been interested in technology ever since I first read about Micheal DellI thought, if he can do it so can I! Computers fascinated me and by

I thought, if he can do it so can I! Computers fascinated me and by taking them apart, I learnt to fix them – and I founded a technical support company once I left school.

I’m a gadget fanatic – they make my life easier when I’m on the go.

My BT Business Mobile Broadband dongle has got to be the one I couldn’t live without. It means I can get online anywhere and take my office practically with me wherever I land.   

My major technology faux pas have happened when I’ve not had the right systems in place.

There is nothing worse than losing important files when those IT gremlins strike because you miss that crucial back up. I make sure I have 24/7 IT support now so I can get out of any sticky situations.  

The best bit of gadgetry I’ve invested in has to be the I-Teddy.

It’s a teddy bear with an MP4 player in its stomach – fantastic for the kids and makes technology really accessible. It was a hugely successful product throughout the world.

On the other hand the weirdest gadget I’ve ever been asked to invest in would probably be the television set embedded in the coffee table – oh and of course knee roller skates!

I would love to invent a cloning machine.

I am always so busy with all of my business and media commitments that I often wish I could be in two places at once! A bit like the time turner that Hermione uses in Harry Potter – that would definitely be an invention I’d love to have dreamed up. I only wish we could make one!

My first mobile phone has to be my favourite gadget of all time.

Phones have revolutionised our lives. I’m sure we all remember the first ones, which had to be carried round in briefcases – and look how far we’ve come since then! I find them amazing and life-saving pieces of technology.

Technology doesn’t frustrate me.

It’s people not using the right technology that does. Technology can be daunting for people, especially when starting out in business, but those that get it right can really get ahead.

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