Moov: the brilliant next generation of activity tracker

It doesn’t just track your movements – it's an AI coach that tells you when you’re doing things wrong
Moov: the brilliant next generation of activity tracker

Another activity tracker? Excuse me while I take a nap

Wait! This isn’t just another step-counting, calorie-ticking wristband. Moov aims to kick things up a notch and become nothing less than your AI coach.

I’ve heard that before. How is it any different from what’s already out there?

Moov uses a combination of sensors and software to track your movements in space. So it has a picture of how you’re running or lifting weights, and it can use this picture to provide real-time advice through your headphones.

What kind of advice?

It might tell you to speed up, lengthen your stride or how to avoid injury by putting your limbs under less strain. And according to Moov co-founder Meng Li, it’ll even know when you’re cheating and shout at you to stop.

The sensor band will track activity on its own, but if you want the real time coaching you’ll need your mobile device (iOS at first, Android to follow) with the Moov app to be within about 50 feet.

What activities is it compatible with?

Currently it supports running, cycling, swimming*, boxing and body weight workouts like push ups. But other sports will be added via future updates, including golf, free weights and yoga.

* don’t worry, it’s waterproof

Moov app

Sounds interesting. What else?

Well, Moov also comes with a bunch of social features, something that’s increasingly a prerequisite for fitness trackers these days. So you can compare your performance against that of your friends.

Moov will launch in July 2014, priced at US$60 if you pre-order now (the regular price will be $120).