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Monster Miles Davis Trumpet headphones are here

Apparently the world’s smallest headphones and they look like trumpets. But there’s more…

Monster Miles Davis Trumpet headphones. That’s a mouthful. Actually it’s not even an earful as these are claimed to feature the world’s smallest drivers in a pair of headphones, hence them appearing in our CES Hot Stuff Awards round-up. The trumpet-looking in-ear blasters were unveiled today at the Montreux Jazz Festival because they’re actually tuned to enhance jazz music. Featuring SuperTip ear buds they offer noise isolation and what they call Reference-Quality Audio – we think that must mean good as it comes from Monster who are behind the Dre Beats cans. That and they managed to get in our Headphones Top 10. They even have iPod controls with built-in mic for loud iPhone chats while in a quite smoky jazz club. They will set you back £300 and are being offered with a Miles Davis album Sketches of Spain in Monster High Definition Audio. You can even listen to music other than jazz if you like.


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