Microsoft Ventures: a look back at the madness

Here's a recap of Microsoft's two-day event to find the UK's next big tech startups
Microsoft Ventures: a look back at the madness

Microsoft Ventures Madness; two hectic days in central London packed with 38 hopeful startups, all fighting for spaces on Microsoft's 14 week Accelerator programme.

Stuff was there, soaking in the smiles, the tears, the buzz of innovation, all while watching hungry innovators give their pitches to a panel of judges.

After the dust settled, 12 startups emerged victorious, one of which - Sian's Plan - was voted for by Stuff readers, who sifted through over 20 one minute pitch videos to choose their favourite.

This year's cohort is packed with new and exciting ideas. The 14 week Accelerator course will provide them with Microsoft's resources and expertise, putting them in touch with the right people to help them all achieve their dreams.

Congratulations to all the winners. Don't forget to drop us a line once you've moved into your fancy offices. We'll pop round for a drink or two. If you'll have us.

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