Microsoft set to announce Xbox Music Centre at E3

Will we see a Spotify-style music service for Xbox LIVE at the biggest gaming event of the year in LA?

Hard-core gamers might not like it but Microsoft is courting their nemeses – casual gaming fans and entertainment addicts – with its plans for Xbox.

Joining Lovefilm movies streamed in HD is a new cross-platform music service that could soon be joining the hordes of family-friendly apps on Xbox LIVE.

Kotaku has unearthed some juicy job opening details relating to a 'Team Xbox Live Music' division in Paris. And it looks like the new recruits will be working on a Zune successor that will feel equally at home on Xbox, Windows Phone handsets and the web. There's also the chance that the music service, codenamed Woodstock, will make the leap to iOS and Android too unless The Verge's insiders are telling porkies. Disappointingly though, details like catalogue size and subscription plans are nowhere to seen.

Since there's no Xbox 720 announcement expected for E3, we'll have to get giddy about fresh titles and shifts in the Xbox's home entertainment skills. And there's only a few more days till the gaming bonanza kicks off.

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