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Microsoft lifts moods with smart bra

Intelligent undergarment detects stress and warns emotional overeaters to stay the heck away from the fridge

Drop that slab of chocolate. You’re not hungry, you’re just trying to fill the hole in your soul – according to Microsoft’s smart bra, that is.

Women all over the world no longer have to balloon up due to stress eating. Microsoft developers have come up with a solution – a bra that collects data on the wearer’s emotions via removable sensors. These sensors monitor heart and skin activity, feeding mood analysis back to an app that wearers can check. This’ll allow them to anticipate any bingeing that comes from mood shifts and retreat hastily from the presence of food.

Microsoft’s not trying to be cheeky here; a bra is the most sensible item of clothing to rig since it’s close enough to the heart to collect electrocardiogram data, and women are also the gender far more partial to emotional overeating.

If you’re planning to drop this as a tactless Christmas gift, you’ll have some time to work on your general lack of sensitivity yet. The garment is still in development as the prototypes had to be charged every three to four hours, which would undermine the bra’s valiant efforts at being a neutral observer. After all, it’s not very practical to have to keep taking it off or stick a wire under your shirt during the day. 

This isn’t the first smart bra, and we doubt it will be the last. But when will the men get their turn at intelligent undergarments?

Source: BBC

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