Microsoft finally names Windows 7

Having turned up to the OS party unfashionably late and decidedly under–dressed with Windows Vista, Microsoft has decided it's taking no risks w

The suits have just decreed that the new software will simply be dubbed Windows 7, keeping the codename its had ever since Vista started taking an unseemly amount of flack from pretty much anyone with the much–maligned OS on their PC.

Apparently this is because an, "...“all-new ‘aspirational’ name does not do justice to what we are trying to achieve.” Essentially, because Windows 7 is going to be a tarted up version of Vista, the Big M doesn't want to create a hype machine, especially after last time.

Which seems strange, seeing as the feature on offer include multitouch support, proper Windows Live integration and fewer add–on apps to keep things ticking along nicely.

The plan is to have all this on PCs at some point in 2009. And with netbooks still running XP, it looks like you could skip Vista altogether and got straight for Windows 7 instead.


Windows 7

Price: £TBA

On sale: 2009

Contact: Microsoft