The Microsoft Band is coming to the UK

And the do-it-all health tracker will be here sooner than you think

The Microsoft Band was released in the US in October 2014 and at that point, little was known about its international availability. But curious fitness fans will be glad to hear that pre-orders are now live in the UK, with it set to be released on 15 April for £170.

While the Band is technically a smartwatch, Microsoft wants to put the focus on its health tracking abilities. It's got a 24-hour heart rate monitor and can track your steps throughout the day, calories burned and GPS routes.

Other technical wizardry includes being able to provide a UV rating for the sunshine and to track the quality of your sleep.

The Band doesn't discriminate with operating systems either: it'll happily work with Windows Phone 8.1, Android 4.3 - 5.0 and iOS 8.1.2. Windows Phone users get the added benefit of being able to use Cortana, which brings added voice support.

Data is stored in Microsoft's Health app, which it uses to learn your habits and let you know when you're slacking. So make sure you can deal with the odd telling off before buying one.

It'll also take care of regular smartwatch functions such as displaying messages and notifications.