Meet the Moto G4 - leaked pics show Motorola's next phone

G4 Plus could be on the way too, fingerprint sensor and all

Hello, Moto: Lenovo’s first Motorola-branded phones for 2016 have been snapped ahead of an official reveal.

The pics, leaked by French smartphone site, apparently show the Moto G4 - the new name for what we were previously calling the Moto G 4th gen.

Aside from a new name, the full-on front and back pics show off a rubberised plastic finish, a vertical camera array on the back, and at least one physical button below the display.

The biggest new addition? The fingerprint sensor on the front.

Lenovo confirmed that most of its 2016 phones would have one, so it’s not exactly a surprise, but we’re still happy to see one here.


There are a few mysteries, though.

The pinholes dotted around the phone aren’t in the usual places you’d find a microphone, and there are a couple of extra sensors above the rear camera that aren't explained yet. We're guessing laser autofocus, but nothing's confirmed yet.

One of the best things about the Moto G was the price, but it looks like that won’t be the case here: we’re hearing €240 and €280 respectively for the G4 and G4 plus. 

Spec rumours doing the rounds right now hint at both phones having a 5.5in screen, 16GB of storage and black or white colour choices. The more expensive G4 Plus should have have a 16MP rear cam, but the cheaper G4 will drop to 13MP. 

Both phones will apparently arrive in May, but with no word from Lenovo, we’ll just have to wait for an official reveal to see if these latest leaks are on the money.