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Marvel Battlegrounds brings Smash Bros-like brawling to Disney Infinity 3.0

Four-player superhero showdowns coming as play set expansion

Disney Infinity is considered a platform more than a traditional game, because the flexibility of the concept allows developers to take it in all sorts of directions. And Marvel Battlegrounds proves that once again.

Announced amidst New York Comic-Con this week, Marvel Battlegrounds is an upcoming play set expansion for the recently released Disney Infinity 3.0, offering not only a big, new Marvel Comics experience for the Star Wars-led entry, but also a brand new play experience.

For the first time in the series, Marvel Battlegrounds will support four local players – and they’ll be battling against each other at the same time. Based on the trailer below, the chaotic combat looks a lot like Nintendo’s popular Super Smash Bros, or perhaps Capcom’s old Dreamcast and arcade classic, Power Stone.


There’s a logistical hurdle that hasn’t yet been revealed: the Disney Infinity base, used to transport the smart figurines’ characters in the game, only takes two heroes and villains at a time. So will Disney require two bases for the mode? Will this play set come with some sort of add-on hardware to facilitate the process? That part remains unclear.

Along with the play set, Marvel will release a brand new Captain America: The First Avenger figure modeled after the movie version. And it’ll play a bit differently from the previous, masked version for Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes, with more of mid-range focus on battle.

Can Disney Infinity deliver the multiplayer Marvel experience of our dreams? We’ll find out in March.

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