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Mac OS X Lion teased

As expected, Apple’s lifted the lid on its forthcoming OS

Mac OS X Lion has issued its first roar, and it’s converging on the territory of the gazelle-like iOS with a menacing glint in its eye.

It’ll be putting the multi-touch moves on full screen apps and bringing a new App Store, especially for Mac, and accessed via an app, not via iTunes. But suspicions of a touchscreen Mac were damped – Steve Jobs says it gives him a sore arm.

Apps will auto-save and auto resume when they’re shut down and reopened, just like they do on personal devices like the iPhone and iPad. And they’re managed through a desktop app (think Dashboard) called Launchpad.

Launchpad turns your desktop instantly into a iPad/iPhone esque icon grid, with many identical UI tricks, such as an app management dock and folders.

It all looks pretty tasty and deeper than the portable OS experience Apple offers. We’re excited to see more, but – like everyone else – we’ll have to wait until near launch time: summer 2011.

Better news for the impatient is that the Mac App Store will be up and running within three months. Bring it on.


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